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I’ve been going to physical therapy all summer (about 16 sessions) where they’ve been working on my Iliotibial Band (ITBand). This is connective tissue that runs from your hip across the outside of the knee.

For me, I have pain or weakness in the middle of my thigh and right under my hipbone.

I got to choose which physical therapist to see and I picked Bodymax because they did physical therapy and sports conditioning and training – I knew I needed help with my running form.

For treatment, they use deep tissue massage to release any scar tissue which can cause tightness as it attaches to the underlying bones and muscles. This “massage” can hurt – a lot. They then use ultrasound on the sore spots which brings blood and oxygen to the inflammation.

After the treatment, they would bring me downstairs and put me on the treadmill to work on my running form.

I worked up to running about 10 miles an hour at a 8% grade (but I only had to run that for 30 seconds or so). The therapists and trainers there were excellent and my form and leg are much improved.

On with the training!

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  1. Dave Hunter Says:

    If you want to know more about Physical Therapy check out this site:

    Physical Therapy Schools

  2. Brian Says:


    I am excited to here you had a good experience with physical therapy and better yet…you were able to continue your training.

    However, I wanted to clear up some misconceptions. Unfortunately, ultrasound is a commonly overused modality that has been no more effective than a placebo treatment in research. A better way to get increased blood flow to an area to facilitate healing is with an active exercise. This willing increase blood flow and provide the nutrients, primarily oxygen, to the injured tissues.

    On another note, please focus on training you gluteus medius. This glute muscles is featured on you nice pic at the start of this blog. If the glute med is weak, the tensor fasica latae is overworked causing increased tension in the iliotibial band. The is often resolved temporarily with stretching and permanently by re-establishing proper muscle balance.

    Again, I’m glad you had a good experience with physical therapy. I love my profession and like to see happy customers.

    For additional intersting physical therapy information please check out http://www.evidencinmotion.com and go to evidence resources and then to sponsored blog. It’s an entertaining site.

  3. arunmpt Says:

    its really nice to look the strengthening of gluteus muscles
    yoyu have to do lot of work to strengthen these muscles
    start working on gluteus along with TFL
    wanna mor visit

  4. RunColo Says:

    Wow, that place looks high tech. The Foam Roller does wonders for my IT Band, when sore.

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