Dave Starts Training Again!

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After a long layoff, I’ve started training for my next Olympic distance triathlon – The Spudman!!

Okay, I’m serious. There really is an event called The Spudman and it’s held in Burley, Idaho on July 28, 2007.

I’ve been running now for a few months to try to get myself back in shape. I recently ran the Barber to Boise 10k. I recently relocated from the SF Bay Area to the Boise area. That explains all of these Idaho events, doesn’t it? My 10k times are still really slow, but I ran it in 57 minutes which was what I was shooting for – under an hour.

I’ve been running 5 – 7 miles three times a week interspersed with time on the bike 2 – 3 times a week. It’s been down to 16 degrees this week so I’ll be switching to the trainer very soon. I’ll be training this year with a new coach – Jim Crouch at Next Step Cycling.

I’ll be posting my workouts, progress, events, and my experiments with new technology right here. I recently started using a RS200 Polar HRM and a Nike+ Plus iPod Sport Kit and have been really happy with both. I’ll be posting reviews on both in the next week or so.

Until then…

2 Responses to “Dave Starts Training Again!”

  1. Stowe Spivey Says:

    I look forward to hearing about your training again. How do you like your new Polar?

  2. SAQ Says:

    I am spreading the word of Milokit – two-strap suspension bodyweight training. Two anchors, unlike TRX, means more natural environment:



    Efficient body mechanics. Two straps allow the body to move within its natural range of motion (R.O.M.).

    Safety. Staggered pulls without risk of straps slipping. Single arm and single leg exercises with confidence. Bicycle hamstring drags without risk of supporting leg dropping to floor.

    More stable. Advanced exercises put great stress on ankles, knees, shoulders and core stability. Perform with confidence without risk of equipment slipping. Two straps and two anchors mean bodyweight stress is shared.

    Greater comfort. With straps anchored at a shoulder width or more apart the MILOKIT® will not cut into the arms in pressing and dips exercises.

    Greater versatility. High quality carabiners give added ability to connect to a wide range of accessories.

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